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    One of the first techniques I learned as a beginner Product Owner was user story mapping. I immediately found it was easy to understand and apply. What took a while longer was appreciating its true power – identifying all the situations where it can be applied. In the eventriX team, we use it to keep... Read more

    The post 3 uses for story maps to build a better product appeared first on Mozaic Works.

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    This is a guest post by Andrey Adamovich The first time, I gave a talk titled “Enterprise flight into DevOps space”, was in late 2014 at DevConFu conference. After that, I have delivered the presentation several times during 2015 at various conferences in Europe. For some time, I considered that a “closed topic” and did not... Read more

    The post Enterprise flight into DevOps space appeared first on Mozaic Works.

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  • 03/06/17--05:50: Jaime Levy
  • Jaime Levy is an author, university professor and a user experience strategist. Her top-selling O’Reilly Media book is called UX Strategy: How to Devise Innovative Digital Products that People Want. The book presents a solid framework on the practice, which lies at the intersection of UX design and business strategy. It is available on Amazon... Read more

    The post Jaime Levy appeared first on Mozaic Works.

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    This is a guest post by Thomas Sundberg What makes one specification a bad specification and another specification a good specification? What is the fundamental difference between two specifications? Software is special One important difference between physical things and programs is that physical things are complicated to test. Physical things usually need special tools to... Read more

    The post Specification and good specification: What’s the difference? appeared first on Mozaic Works.

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    As practitioners and trainers using Kanban, we insist on a few changes in perspective that it requires in order to be effective. One of them is capacity planning. Kanban, like Scrum, assumes that the capacity of the team 1 is fixed in the short term. This leads to the question: how can we use the current... Read more

    The post Tools for teams: Capacity planning with Kanban appeared first on Mozaic Works.

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    The 5th edition of I T.A.K.E Unconference, the only technology agnostic event in Central and Eastern Europe, is taking place in Bucharest, Romania, 11-12 May. With a line-up of more than 30 international speakers, 6 keynotes, 6 parallel tracks, a technical Open Space and many opportunities for coding, the event brings together top-notch software crafters who lead the change in... Read more

    The post Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Mobile, DevOps, Software craftsmanship and more appeared first on Mozaic Works.

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    Richard Omollo, UX Designer and speaker at Product Leaders 2017, just got interviewed by our colleague, Monica Obogeanu, product manager at Mozaic Labs. Read on to discover his professional experience, lessons learned and challenges along the way.    Monica Obogeanu: Snooping through your LinkedIn profile, I noticed you have a wide & varied experience. Please tell... Read more

    The post Customer is the centre of everything | way appeared first on Mozaic Works.

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    This is a guest post by Ralph Roosmalen Scrum versus Waterfall. Management 1.0 versus Management 3.0. Automated Testing versus Manual Testing. Estimation versus No Estimations. SAFe versus LeSS. So many different opinions on all kind of topics and it seems like people always want you to choose between left or right, up or down etc. When... Read more

    The post Management 3.0: Context is Everything appeared first on Mozaic Works.

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    The complete interview can be found on InfoQ.  Adrian Bolboacă, Organizational and Technical Coach and Trainer at Mozaic Works, got interviewed by Ben Linders, InfoQ, about different types of tests, writing sufficient and good acceptance tests, criteria to decide to automate a test, and how to apply test automation to create executable specifications. Testing techniques... Read more

    The post Practical Tips for Automated Acceptance Tests appeared first on Mozaic Works.

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    One way of learning new things about your coding style and about yourself is by doing a daily code kata. It can be like a simulation of a year-long software development project, with all the ups and downs happening in a much shorter time scale (a few iterations). More on that below. I encourage you... Read more

    The post Lessons learned while doing daily kata appeared first on Mozaic Works.

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    Grzegorz (Greg) Albrecht, speaker at Product Leaders 2017, got interviewed by our colleague, Steliana Moraru, Event Manager.    Read on to discover his professional experience, lessons learned and challenges met along the way.    Steliana: You have a professional background that spans from product manager to startup founder to venture partner. Share with us a... Read more

    The post Open innovation in building and marketing new products appeared first on Mozaic Works.

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  • 06/30/17--01:48: Unit tests with Spock
  • This article has first appeared in Today Software Magazine.  Why Spock? When we first started working on our project at work, we searched for an easy-to-use tool that would help us write readable and concise tests. We chose Spock, because in combination with Groovy it provided exactly what we needed: readable BDD-style tests that we... Read more

    The post Unit tests with Spock appeared first on Mozaic Works.

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    Is technical leadership important? Even in a modern, agile / lean / software craftsmanship company? My experience says it is not only important but the key to the improved performance of developers. Whether we’re talking about a team technical lead, a software architect, a CTO, or an informal leader, I often see the need to understand their... Read more

    The post Technical Leadership: Lessons from the trenches appeared first on Mozaic Works.

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    We’ve all have been there: trying to become more productive and improve the way we work. If you are looking for a way to limit the “work in progress” answers received from your colleagues and achieve better results, here is a tool you can experiment with: the Kanban board. What is the Kanban board  A kanban... Read more

    The post Productivity through visibility – the Kanban board appeared first on Mozaic Works.

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